Lights in outdoor areas: 5 important basic rules that you should always observe.

Sometimes it could be so easy: You have finished your project in the living room, don't have to deal with the calculated buffer of the recessed floor spotlights and could just continue right away in the outdoor area. In any case, it would create a uniform scene if the recessed spotlights from the living room could also be found on the terrace. It certainly would! However, this is rarely a good idea. Because inside is not the same as outside and the type of installation should also be considered when selecting the right light.

The conditions in the driveway and garden are completely different. If it is warm and dry inside, wet and cold await us outside – depending on the season. This also means completely different challenges for the installed lights. Challenges that you should consider when selecting lights. However, if you observe the following five points, nothing will be standing in the way of a successful lighting installation.

Rule 1: Only use lamps made of stainless material

Quick tip: IK class

The impact resistance class, or IK class, indicates how resistant a light is, i.e. how much impact energy the housing has to withstand. With an IK08 protection class you could, for example, hit the lamp from a distance of 30 cm with a 1.5 kg hammer without damaging it.

Rule 3: Ensure a secure connection even in the ground.

Recessed floor spotlights bring special challenges with them. Very few like standing water. Never install them in depressions or recesses and ensure that drainage is provided underneath the wall box. If the air humidity is very high when the light is installed, moisture may accumulate inside the light. It is therefore better to postpone the installation until the next dry day.

Rule 4: Choose the right type of light for the various outdoor applications.
Rule 5: Create a uniform light image with light designs that match the ambience.

With expertly installed surface-mounted and recessed lights and poles from SLV, your customers can feel more than at home outdoors thanks to high-quality materials and the necessary protection classes – and you are on the safe side.

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