Increased efficiency in the office thanks to newly designed office spaces

Chr. Held GmbH & Co KG is a reliable partner in the field of metal processing and the manufacture of turned and milled parts, in various quantities. Using its own machinery and modern equipment, the company has been manufacturing for more than three decades now - including parts requested at short notice - and to the highest standard of quality. The back office, which is part of the machine park, was constructed in 2019, with a view to facilitating more efficient working. SLV GmbH was able to provide support here, in the form of compliant office lighting. Inside the modern office, clear geometric shapes, ample natural light and concrete surfaces dominate the design language. Hard edges are staged with soft lighting from our MEDO series, thus rounding off the clear design (quite literally!).

The cooperation from the creation of the lighting concept by SLV, to the selection of the right luminaires, to the installation by our electrician worked perfectly. Thanks to the wide range of products from SLV, we were also able to set accents in the interior design of the office building, and I think the end result is quite respectable.

Maximilian Held (Partner)

Spanning a total surface area of 720 m², more than 14 MEDOs have been installed, which, on account of their strategic positioning and in combination with the generous window façades, produce basic lighting that consists of a harmonious blend of natural and artificial light. (130 LED panels). The MEDO series has now been expanded to include DALI-compatible models, meaning that these lights can be integrated into existing systems to exceptional effect, or utilised within the context of power-saving measures. The same can also be said of our 620x620 LED PANELS, which, with their 120° half-peak divergence and 2600 Lumen, provide consistent brightness throughout the office, without consuming too much electricity in the process.

Building is trust, trust is the beginning of everything new.

Planning office H. Schmaus



Client: Chr. Held, Held GmbH & Co. KG
Location: Schelklingen
Planning/Construction time: June 2017 – August 2018 / September 2018 - August 2019

Project partner:

Architecture: H.Schmaus Planning Office
General contractor: Industrie- und Wohnbau Schmaus GmbH
Electrical installation: Elektro Scherer, Dellmensingen
Light planning: Lichtplanungsteam SLV GmbH
Project management: Mr Markus Kuhn (Planungsbüro H.Schmaus)

Our luminaire recommendation for efficient office lighting

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