SLV - From glitterballs and a passion for lighting to world-class, market leaders

From humble beginnings in Germany; Sound, Light and Video was born out of the disco scene of 1979. Night clubs inspired by the 1977 box office hit ‘Saturday Night Fever’, looked for innovative ways to connect sound, light and video to enhance the dancefloor experience. Just 100 hundred years after the invention of the light bulb, came the glitter ball! Our luminaires then, as they continue to be now, were crafted using German engineering combined with stylish design to make stunning lighting both accessible and affordable in discos and homes across Europe.

Over the last 40 years, the SLV Lighting Group has perfected professional lighting solutions, selling in over 100 countries, with the support of 15 subsidiaries. Light is, and always has been our passion. A passion that is applied across the entire supply-chain: from in-house innovation, to quality assurance at the highest standard and an affordable price at the end.

Our core brand values have not changed either as we continue to explore more ways to delight our customers with the latest innovations and stylish enhancements to home, work and commercial environments. SLV’s passion for lighting continues.

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