IP protection classes at a glance

3-circuit tracks as a flexible basis for spots and spotlights.

Connect all bathroom luminaires properly to the mains without ending up with an unsightly tangle of cables hanging from the ceilings: to meet this challenge, we used variable 3-phase-tracks as a basis for our spots and spotlights.

A mix of functional and design-quality bathroom lighting

Unfortunately, great aesthetics are of no use in a showroom if customers cannot properly recognise the products on display. Bathroom lighting that is too bright or badly positioned, on the other hand, destroys the feel-good atmosphere that is to be created in the showroom. So our task was to create a perfect blend of functionality and design aesthetics with the bathroom lighting.

Realising a flexible lighting scenario for changing bathroom scenes

Another challenge was the necessary flexibility of the lighting. A showroom is constantly changing: products are renewed, sample bathrooms are rearranged or completely refurbished. To avoid having to install new bathroom luminaires, spots and spotlights every time there is a small change in the rooms on display, it was important to make the bathroom lighting as adaptable as possible.



Lights in the area up to 0.6 m around the bath, shower or washbasin should have a rating of at least IP44 to protect against water splashing from any direction. An IP54 rating indicates that the light is also protected against dust.

IP 67

An IP65 rating is ideal up to a height of 2.25m around the shower/bathtub as this offers optimum dustproof protection for lights against jets of water from any angle.

IP 65

To ensure they will remain watertight during temporary immersion, lights immediately next to a shower or bath must have an IP67 rating.

An important technical aspect for bathroom planners are IP protection classes. The IP system indicates how well luminaires and other electrical equipment are suitable for different environments and thus provides an important reference point for the implementation of lighting concepts. In bathroom design, IP protection classes are particularly relevant because they also indicate the water resistance of luminaires. The following IP protection classes should be used in the respective areas in the bathroom:

IP44: Luminaires in the area up to 0.6 m around the bathtub, shower or washbasin should at least have IP44 protection against splashing water from all sides. With IP54 protection, luminaires are also protected against dust.

IP65: IP65 protection is ideal up to a height of 2.25 m around the shower/bathtub. With this IP protection class, luminaires are optimally protected against water jets from any angle and are dust-tight.

IP67: To remain watertight when temporarily submerged, bathroom luminaires in the direct shower or bathtub area must have IP protection class 67.

In addition, the SIGHT TRACK 3Ph luminaire is installed at track-strategic points to create homogeneous ambient lighting. As the individual circuits of the 3-phase track can be switched individually, the different luminaire groups can also be controlled separately. This is good for the bathroom planners at Schurr, because the bathroom luminaires are thus perfectly adjusted to realise a wide variety of lighting scenarios.

Bathtub, wash basin, shower or bathroom mirror -all perfectly staged

To ensure that the high-quality washbasins and their surroundings also benefit from the ideal lighting counterpart in the showroom, the spherical LIGHT EYE pendant luminaires made of steel and textile-covered cables are used. When it comes to bathroom lighting, they create exactly the feel-good ambience needed to relax in modern wellness oases. The direct light emission can be moved and focussed on the rail again and again. Their height can also be varied thanks to the shortenable cables.

Did you know...

... that you can make your bathroom mirrors eye-catching not only with external lighting? The TRUKKO WL LED wall-mounted luminaire is a mirror and luminaire in one. With this multi-talent, you don't have to do without either beautiful, atmospheric ambient lighting in your bathroom or perfect light in the mirror. The best thing? The TRUKKO mirrors are not only illuminated, but also heated, so you don't have to deal with foggy mirrors even after extensive hot baths. In addition to the anti-fogging technology, the mirror also impresses with its dimmable light. So when it comes to furnishing your bathroom, this purchase is guaranteed to pay off!

It remains to be said: Schurr - DIE BADGESTALTER GmbH benefits from an all-round successful lighting concept in the showroom. Potential innovations in the showroom can be optimally illuminated quickly because the SLV track systems can be easily equipped with new ceiling luminaires that can be flexibly moved and swivelled. In this way, not only is a high-quality and dynamic lighting concept implemented, but also one that is extremely sustainable in terms of energy-efficient use.

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