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Rügen is the largest of Germany's islands, and perhaps also the loveliest. Here on the east coast, in Prorer Wiek bay, there is something very special from an architectural perspective, developed from what used to be the KdF (Kraft durch Freude - Strength Through Joy) resort complex on Rügen, which was built during the Third Reich. The Mariandle am Meer huts have been installed in the now once again usable and re-designed Block IV. With both indoor and outdoor lighting, SLV contributes to the high-contrast concept.

Flat areas to the south, wooded hills to the north, imposing chalk cliffs in the north-west: spa architecture and fishing villages can be found spread out across the entire island, and in the east, the Prora complex sets new standards when it comes to architecture: as a memorial to German social and architectural history, bearing important witness to national socialism and the GDR.

Today - almost 85 years after the first foundation stones were laid, renovations and expansions are being implemented and planned. A varied mix of hotel business, gastronomy, accommodation and commercial trade are set to make this a highly sought-after location. Since 2004, the aim has been to preserve the architecture of Prora and to make it attractive for present and future use.

To this end, Block IV was divided into various sections (A to J). While in buildings A to F the focus is on permanent places of residence, the area that is home to buildings G to J is designated for the development of holiday apartments with a service offering on a par with that found in a hotel.

The intensive grappling with the location and its history, and the current functional structure of the community of Binz, form the basis for the developmental planning for Block IV of Binz-Prora


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SLV indoor lights

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The warm, natural colour palette with wooden elements is reflected throughout the entire holiday apartment complex. Paired with the otherwise straight-lined design, the result is a modern and warm atmosphere. The QUAD wall lights immediately inform guests that they have come to the right chalet.

Having passed through the entrance way, the colour concept continues on: brown wood meets furnishings in beige, grey and black. To ensure suitable illumination, AVO spots offer a pleasant basic lighting ambience. The lights can be freely swivelled and moved along the busbar, allowing them to be oriented flexibly whenever required.

Guests can simply hang out in the comfort of the open-plan living and dining area, in which the conical PHELIA pendant lights offer a warm white, cosy light. In the kitchen work area, on the other hand, neutral white lighting has been installed, realised using efficient recessed ceiling lights in the kitchenettes. Floor lamps as reading lights round off the lighting concept in the living area.

Lighting for the wellness area

Prora - the former KdF seaside resort on the island of Rügen

The Prora project can now be seen in better light than ever before. It already has an eventful history to look back on: in spite of the fact that architect, Clemens Klotz, could not see his mega-project through to completion on account of the war, it was nonetheless taken over and developed by the National People's Army of the GDR. Until 1991, the kilometre-long stretch of land remained a military restricted zone. The unique building complex, which has been largely well maintained, can now be viewed as a memorial to German social and architectural history, and bears important witness to national socialism and the GDR. Today - almost 85 years after the first foundation stones were laid - renovations and expansions are being implemented and planned.