Back to nature: lights made from natural materials

A challenge for lighting designers and architects is to offer solutions that go beyond the mere functional. Light is a key component in the overall design concept. This involves not only its effect in the room, the mood it creates or the function it has to fulfil. The light source itself must also blend seamlessly into outdoor areas.
Classic shapes forms such as lanterns or simple bollards are far from being obsolete here. They have something original and historic about them - and, depending on the material and design, take you back to a time long ago when, instead of LEDs, they were lit by a fire.

"Natural" light

Today, however, the return to the original is not only reflected in the shape and colour of the lights. These days, the trend is clearly towards unusual and, above all, natural materials. This starts with the look and ends with the ""building material"" of the light.

Heavy material, such as stone or concrete, can be found here, but also delicate glass in a completely new look. In any case, however, substances that without doubt belong in nature and in the garden.

The glass screen forms a contrast with it. The smoked glass effect harks back to a time of candlelight and fires. Behind the glass, however, lies state-of-the-art technology. This unusual combination impresses not just as a floor lamp. Even as a wall or pendant light, it does not lose its effect.

This unusual combination impresses not just as a floor lamp. Even as a wall or pendant light, it does not lose its effect.

The SLV ARROCK series forms an equally extraordinary combination. In a modern look, natural stone and stainless steel pair in an extraordinary way. The angular design underlines the solid character of the stone and the indirect light also contributes to this.

When nature takes its course: lights made of rusted steel

For the SLV RUSTY® lighting family, the FeCSi steel used is chemically treated to create the rustic charm of the family. In this way, the floor lamps fit into the image of a natural garden design as if by magic and at the same time, thanks to the unusual shape of the material, they form an eye-catcher in outdoor areas: Be it the angular SLV RUSTY® SLOT, SLV RUSTY® SQUARE and SLV RUSTY® PATHLIGHT or the soft shapes of the SLV RUSTY® and SLV RUSTY® CONE.

At the same time, they demonstrate versatility and fit just as seamlessly into a more overgrown ambience as they do into reduced rock gardens. It is therefore not surprising that the floor lamps of the SLV RUSTY® product family were expanded in October 2020 to include wall lights of equal quality.


The SLV RUSTY® lighting family is not only one of the oldest product families in the SLV lighting range. There is also a wide range of version, which means it can be integrated into a wide variety of projects. All versions and further information on SLV RUSTY® can be found in the online magazine or in our SLV RUSTY® online brochure.

The symbol of naturalness: wood

Our SLV FLATT series pays tribute to this. With its wood-look inner surface, it brings a piece of nature into outdoor areas as a light-giving element. Here, however, no real wood was processed, but in the sense of longevity an aluminium plate was given the look of the natural material.

The panel is framed by a housing made of anthracite-coloured aluminium. The flat, very angular design looks like an embodiment of the slat design of the "wooden" inner panel.

Naturally natural

If you want to incorporate natural elements into your projects, you don't have to abandon nature when it comes to lighting design. Lights made of natural material are an enrichment for every outdoor area in many ways: as a special eye-catcher or as a restrained design element. In addition, every single lights, regardless of material, contains the proven quality of SLV. As lights made of natural materials also have to meet the same requirements as any other light.

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