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Track systems are the perfect solution for designing customised lighting scenarios for a wide variety of applications, plus they are easy to implement. The advantage of a track system is that it can be planned irrespective of the plastered power lines, especially with surface-mounted versions. This means that you can create lighting even in places where no cable has been laid. Making track systems an attractive option for planning how a room should be illuminated. The SLV track system configurator helps you to put together the right products for your track system.

1-phase tracks vs. 3-phase tracks

Tracks are available in several versions. 1-phase systems are a good choice, for example, when it comes to lighting living areas, small shops or offices and commercial spaces. 1-phase tracks in the surface-mounted version are somewhat flatter than 3-phase tracks and are more focused on design than on functionality in terms of lighting control. The lighting fixtures within the system are supplied with power via a single phase. This means that you can control all fixtures within the same phase at the same time.

3-phase systems offer the possibility of "distributing" the lighting fixtures on 3 individual circuits to control them separately. Functionality is the main focus here, but although the surface-mounted tracks are somewhat larger (usually between 3.2 - 3.6 cm high and 3.6 cm wide), their design is in no way inferior to that of the 1-phase tracks (approx. 1.8 cm high and 3.5 cm wide). This makes them suitable for all areas of use that require more flexibility and place higher demands on the lighting.

Both systems are also available as recessed versions. This results in a more unobtrusive system that blends in perfectly with any architectural style. And creates a high-quality look. Surface-mounted tracks, on the other hand, are advantageous in that they can be installed without major alterations.

With additional accessories such as steel wire suspensions, track systems can even be used in rooms with high or uneven ceilings.

Configure them easily with the SLV track system configurator

SLV has some handy tools to make planning an SLV track system easy. As a result, you can focus entirely on your customers.

Our SLV TRACK track configurator is an online tool that allows you to easily configure the right track system. From geometric shape to lighting fixtures through to compatible accessories: the SLV TRACK configurator creates a purchase list based on your preferences, which you can adapt at any time. Because we know that requirements can change at any time.

The SLV track system configurator is your online planning tool for track systems. Reach your goal in just three steps with the track configurator:

1. Basic system choice

Step one is to select the layout of the track system based on the predefined shapes:

  • Linear: particularly easy to plan and install. Ideal for corridors, hallways or other narrow rooms.
  • L-shape: easy to plan and install. Ideal for rooms with an angle.
  • U-shape: easy to plan and install. Ideal for large, rectangular rooms, conference rooms or showrooms with a display window area..
  • X-shape: maximum flexibility in terms of light positioning and for changing lighting requirements. Ideal for large rooms where light needs to reach into the corners.
  • T-shape: high flexibility in terms of light positioning. Ideal for showrooms where the front area needs focused lighting.

The next step is to decide on the phase system you need, depending on how complex the project is:

Once you have decided on the system you need, the only thing you need to decide is how you want to install it: Do you need a system for recessed mounting or a surface-mounted version? The type of rail installation ultimately determines the product selection, which is carried out in the next step.

2. Product selection

During product selection, you will see your previously selected shape (1) summarised again and you can change it, if necessary. The SLV track system configurator also gives you an appropriate list of minimum requirements (2). This is intended as a guide and reminder so that you do not forget anything during the configuration.

Use the + symbol of the product selection (3) to select the items you require. You can still adjust the number of items directly in the window. Filters above the product selection also allow you to narrow down the products further.

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3. Product selection summary

Once you have selected all your products, you will receive a summary of your selection. Now you have the option of:

  • checking your purchase list and adjusting it, if necessary
  • adding the selection to your watch list
  • saving the purchase list as a PDF
  • adding the purchase list directly to your shopping cart

Configuring your track system couldn't be easier.

SLV track system configurator & SLV track configuration tool: your everyday companion

The track system configurator makes it easy for you to plan your product online and add it directly to your shopping cart. The online tool does the work for you and guides you step by step through the necessary items.

You will also find our configuration help in the sidebar as an analogue support at every step of the selection process. You can download this as a PDF. The SLV track configuration tool guides you step by step through the selection process. It also includes important information on the individual parts of the track system.

Whatever your preference: SLV is always there to support you with expert advice. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service or write to [email protected].

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