It's back, It's bigger, It's better

It's been a long time coming, but now it's back: the lighting catalogue you can trust — the SLV BIG WHITE® 2024!

Just like Dennis and Marc from the SLV team, we're sure you'll be delighted because once again we have summarised the best of SLV for you.

It's back: we have used the last year to revise the BIG WHITE® to make your life even easier in the future. This year you will receive the SLV lighting catalogue as a little pre-Christmas present. Next year you can look forward to its arrival in October again.

It's bigger: this year you will find over 1,000 new products on 896 pages — alongside our tried and tested classic products, of course. Look out for innovations such as MEDO® PRO, LALU® and PHOTONI.

It's better: the new overview of product categories and families provides a clear summary of all the lights on the first few pages. This makes it much quicker to navigate to the product you are looking for. The yellow explanatory pages, which you will recognise from our brochures, have now also been introduced to our BIG WHITE® lighting catalogue.

We have also worked hard over the last few months to ensure that you can really get things moving. The result? Prices reduced by up to 30%! In addition to the top sellers MEDO® and NEW TRIA®, we have reduced the price of a total of 2,000 items from our range. On average, you can now save an impressive 7% on the entire SLV range.

All the advantages of the BIG WHITE® 2024 at a glance

  • Over 1,000 new products on 896 pages
  • New category overview for easy navigation
  • New product family overview on the first few pages
  • New guide section summarising all the relevant information on a certain topic or product
  • New, handy format (19,1 cm x 26,8 cm)
  • Available as usual in print or as an online catalogue

BIG WHITE® 2024 product highlights


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