Are you looking for inspirations and visions for highly effective lighting? Then you have come to the right place here at SLV. Get new ideas by looking through our application solutions.

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Software made by designers for designers – RELUX and DIALux. Our aim is to always offer you new tools to make your work easier and to support you with your lighting designs. Along with competent advice and first-class customer service of course.



Discover with our new brochure „Designing Light“ products for hotels, restaurants, shops and offices. SLV provides for these environments a special product portfolio and assists you with an excellent service.

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At SLV you now really earn points
SLV pluspoints® - Bonusprogram

Loyalty is rewarded at SLV. As an electrical craftsman, you earn bonus points if you participate in SLV pluspoints®. You can exchange these for attractive bonuses and, based on your annual turnover, gain status benefits in a series of steps from which you can benefit in a special way. When you register, you are given a starter bonus of 1,000 bonus points.