round, IP68, 4x 7-25 mm cable diameter, More

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The IP68 connection box is supplied screwable (FDM 3) and suitable for all cable assemblies, both in-ground as well as outdoors. They were developed specially for medium diameter cables (7-25 mm) and are very easy to install without any special tools. These can easily be opened and thus used and installed again and again. There is considerable cost reduction resulting from the associated reusability of the connection box. The connection box is particularly competitive with its advantages over conventional products prevalent in the market and is extremely popular both with telecom companies as well as with electrical installations. Particularly noteworthy is the resistance to soil acids and rotting. Thus, the connection box can also be used in the soil.
Technical overview

IP protection rating The IP protection class indicates the suitability of electrical equipment for different environmental conditions.

Technical data

Polypropylen (PP)
Protection category
IP Code
IP 68
285 mm
100 mm
Nominal voltage
230V ~50Hz
Primary nominal voltage
230V ~50Hz
Net weight
416 g
CE declaration (pdf)
Datasheet (pdf)
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