SLV RUSTY® Unique, timeless outdoor lighting

Characterful rust lights for your outdoor areas

Discover RUSTY®, a timeless design classic from SLV.

With its warm rust tone, this lighting family will add a touch of life to your outdoor areas. Whether you opt for floor lights offering indirect light or unusual shapes. Or even a wall light with up/down illumination: with each variant you can create eye-catching points of light while also enjoying the highest standards of quality and durability, which will impress you whatever the weather.

RUSTY CONE also shines brightly by the pool

SLV RUSTY® - Natural light that is simply timeless.

The rust lights of the RUSTY® family harmonise effortlessly and perfectly with natural garden designs. Thanks to the special treatment used for the FeCSi steel, the typical patina forms on the body of the light. This gives the lights their unusual rust look - and makes each one a unique one-off. This also protects the interior from corrosion. So you can create lighting designs for your customers that will age together with their surroundings and shine ever more radiantly over time.

SLV quality - a steel-hard shell with a luminous core


It's not just the versatility of the RUSTY® lighting family that will benefit your project. Thanks to SLV's reliable quality standards, the satisfaction of your customers is guaranteed. The high IP protection rating of the free-standing means that points of light can be flexibly positioned where they are required. The use of LED lightbulbs enables you to create an energy-saving and atmospheric lighting concept. And with the right accessories, anchoring these rust lights into the ground is easier than ever. This allows you to create a lighting concept that is modern yet classic - not just along your path, but also on your terrace or walls.

The RUSTY® lighting family

SLV RUSTY® 40/70 Pole:

Add a touch of maritime romance to your garden

  • direct light beam
  • Protection rating IP 55
  • LED variant with durable COB modules
  • The E27 socket variant gives flexibility

Perfect as a stunning highlight for consistent outdoor lighting.

RUSTY 40/70 - A touch of romantic seafaring
RUSTY 40/70 - lighting for every garden


A symbol of illumination

  • direct light beam
  • Protection rating IP 55
  • easy installation
  • energy-saving technology

With its direct light and classic design, this light is perfect for providing consistent outdoor lighting.


Reach your destination easily with indirect light

  • atmospheric illumination orientated towards the ground
  • symmetrical light distribution
  • exceptional stability
  • Protection rating IP 55

Perfectly suitable for path illumination with its linear design and indirect light.

SLV RUSTY® SLOT Pole: easy to your goal with indirect light
LV RUSTY® PATHLIGHT 40/70 Pole: purism in its purest form


Purism in its purest form

  • glare-free illumination for better orientation
  • Choose between LED variant or GX53 fitting
  • linear design
  • Protection rating IP 44

With its modern design, it is suitable for lighting paths, driveways, and entry areas.

SLV RUSTY® CONE 25/40/70 Pole:

Feel a sea breeze waft through your garden

  • wide-ranging light thanks to the voluminous light shade
  • universal one-off
  • E14 or E27 socket
  • Protection rating IP 54

Perfect for creating variable highlights thanks to its striking design and wide-ranging light.

SLV RUSTY® CONE 25/40/70 Pole: feel a sea breeze waft through your garden
SLV RUSTY® UP/DOWN WL: round and square, the basis of every construction


Round and square, the basis of every construction

  • Gives a unique contrast against white plaster
  • energy-efficient, long-lasting COB LEDs
  • CCT switch: select your light colour with just one click
  • Protection rating IP 65

At home on any wall, thanks to its minimal design and vertical light beam.

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