Sustainability at SLV

At SLV, sustainability is recognised as a balanced interplay between the three areas of economy, environment and society. Only by considering each process of our core business can we ensure the long-term success of the company without negatively impacting our society or the environment. Our international business activity requires us to uphold these claims for a wide variety of stakeholder groups, not only in Germany but also worldwide. Through responsible company management, ongoing improvement of our energy-efficient product portfolio and ensuring the occupational health and safety of our employees and business partners, we help to minimise the negative effects of our activity and develop in a positive way.

SLV Sustainability Journey

Sustainability is determined by important links in the value chain

The focus of all our efforts involves promoting a sustainable value chain. This goes beyond simply optimising the supply chain, even though this represents a central link in the value chain. Our main focus is on people, communication, innovation and information security.

People form the basis of every single value chain and are therefore extremely important to SLV.

In terms of resource and energy efficiency, repairability, recyclability and ecodesign, the field of innovation comprises a broad range of product improvements that lead to a circular economy.

The supply chain includes all shipments, transportation, travel, material specifications and associated declarations as well as labelling with the aim of increasing transparency in terms of our products, their production and employment standards.

Communication combines all of these aspects and the involvement of our stakeholders together in order to integrate our claim and our goals in a stronger and more meaningful way.

Responsible growth

All of our endeavours are based on our four key values as we are convinced that this is the only way to grow responsibly. We think and act like entrepreneurs, yet we constantly strive to offer quality lighting and first-class service to our customers. Our growth is always sustainable because we understand our responsibility towards people, society and the environment in particular. Our actions are characterised by a respectful approach that flows not least into the entire value chain:

Business model throughout the value chain

Business model along the value chain


Eric Lachambre, CEO

Project highlights

Our sustainability objective involves maintaining a sustainable value chain through a balanced interplay of economic, social and ecological aspects across all of our core business processes.

Products with recycled secondary resources

Even our product development process is shaped by responsible handling of resources and ecological innovations across all core processes. In order to create better products for the environment and our planet, we replace primary resources with secondary resources, taking a key step towards a sustainable product range.

SAMRINA, RUBA and SIMA products already contain a proportion of recycled plastics and are shining examples of how quality and durability can be combined as sustainably as possible. This is indicated accordingly with labelling on the product packaging. In future, our customers will be able to instantly recognise which of our products impact the environment the least and contain a proportion of recycled raw materials.

However, our product responsibility goes even further. Guaranteeing the safety of our products for customer use is a top priority for us. By carefully selecting our suppliers and through multi-stage test processes, we ensure that our customers receive top-quality products that are safe to use. We also provide various supplementary information with regards to photometric, technical, regulatory and safety-related product characteristics in our download area. Our additional five-year guarantee for large parts of the current SLV product portfolio reflects our promise of quality and sustainability when it comes to our products.

Our road to greater sustainability

The EcoVadis rating of SLV GmbH in 2017 formed the basis of our new sustainability strategy. It showed us where we stand as a company and how we consider various aspects of sustainability. It also illustrated the diversity and complexity of this topic along with the need for an independent and interdisciplinary approach. This is now handled by a responsible unit at a group level within SLV which reports directly to management.

"We are aware of the impacts of our business activity on the environment and actively consider our responsibility towards environmental and climate protection." (Eric Lachambre, CEO)

Download the full sustainability report here:
Sustainability Report 2020 (Englisch)

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