Concepts for shop lighting with tracks & spots:

Delta bike Cube Store Wettenberg.
Present goods correctly, guide customers through the store, and make even more efficient use of electricity with intelligent light planning, concepts, and LEDs.

This is what shop lighting is all about

When it comes to optimal shop lighting, the most important thing is to present the goods in an appealing way. This ensures that customers have the most pleasant shopping experience possible, which will be remembered for a long time. Visitors are guided through the shop in a targeted manner by the appropriate ambient lighting and the goods that are presented in the right light. With intelligent shop lighting using LEDs, electricity can be used even more efficiently!

Successful shop lighting includes various factors that should be fulfilled:

  • Pleasant ambient lighting that provides orientation
  • Adjustable spots in which the merchandise can shine and which can be used flexibly
  • Atmospheric shop window lighting that attracts customers and presents merchandise in the best possible light
  • Lighting equipment for warehouses or workshops that complies with the guideline values for workplace lighting
  • Selection of the right light colour depending on the intended use and desired mood
  • Sustainable lighting concept with long-life LEDs

These challenges also had to be mastered for the lighting of the Delta Bike Cube store in Wetternberg.


With LED shop lighting, the bicycles were not only to shine in the best light, but the natural design of the shop area was also to be emphasised. The shop's workshop had to be equipped in such a way that standard-compliant lighting conditions prevailed there. The use of a long-lasting lighting design as well as the flexible use of light in the sales area were particular challenges. The latter was achieved through the rotatability and swivelling capability of the tracks and LED spots used.

Are you also planning lighting? Please feel free to use our lighting design page with useful tools & tips.

A love for cycling, redesigned within a space spanning 1700 m²

The Delta bike Cube Store in Wettenberg arose out of the cycling goods mail order company established by Thomas Langner in the early 1990s. Today, the bike shop, with its 2 branches, is a customer magnet, attracting cycling fans and those who want to become one. In a sales area spanning more than 1700 m², you will not only find leading brands, but most importantly, a highly motivated and competent team, which regularly undergoes further training and keeps up to date with the latest trends.

In order to meet increasing customer demand, Managing Director Thomas Langner decided to expand the sales areas. And on 17.01.2020, the new branch opened its doors in Wettenberg, under the name Delta bike Cube Store Wettenberg. Here, the strict concept relies on organic materials and minimalist design: plenty of wood and plants. The black railings, ventilation pipes, and presentation areas feature a somewhat reserved design, allowing the bikes to take centre stage. And also so that the SLV lights used can be integrated into the design concept all the more harmoniously.

Functionality meets design.

In the workshop, however, owner and Managing Director Langner is focussed entirely on functionality: here compliant workspace lighting is the crucial challenge to be overcome, with our GLENOS Profile Pendant Light with its 6600 lm output providing the optimal solution. The so-called UGR value is of particular importance: UGR stands for Unified Glare Rating, The value indicates whether and how strong a lighting system produces glare, from a certain viewing position. This is influenced not only by the light itself but also by the characteristics of the space.

If anyone is unsure as to what value is appropriate for a certain work area, they can consult the various "Guidelines for the illumination of indoor and outdoor workplaces and sporting facilities". Appropriately trained specialist staff can also provide support when planning your installation. Or simply ask us: We can provide comprehensive consultation to ensure that your sales area is shown in its best light - just like that at the Delta bike Cube Store.

With the project complete, SLV GmbH has once again expanded its portfolio in the area of spots. Future projects can also benefit from the new performance-driven Numinos® spot and downlighting series.

Check out the Numinos® Spot- und Downlightserie here >

Did you know...


If you are unsure which values apply to a particular work area, you can consult guideline values for lighting. Trained specialists can also support you in planning shop lighting with sustainable LEDs. Or simply ask us! We will be happy to advise you comprehensively so that your sales area - just like the Delta Bike Cube Store - appears in the best light.

The correct lighting can show off a store in an entirely new light

Strong project. Strong partners.

Building owner:
Thomas Langner

Im Nordpark 2
35435 Wettenberg
Tel.: (0641) 979000-0
E-Mail: [email protected]

Lighting design:
Field service, SLV

The shop lighting for the Delta Bike Cube Store is not the only cooperation that our experts have actively supported. Our partners can be found all over Europe, with projects of all sizes.

You want to know more about our collaborations? You can find numerous examples in our references!

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