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Why the two decided on luminaires from SLV and what hurdles they had to overcome are reported daily on their channel.

Well thought-out lighting design

When planning the lighting, it was important for the two clients to establish a uniform style throughout the entire house. In addition, the lighting was to be permanently adapted to the later use - in other words, to ensure maximum flexibility.

Smart Gu10 light sources were to be fitted in the luminaires. In addition, Susanna and Marc wanted a mixture of direct and indirect lighting that would also put works of art in the perfect light. For all these reasons, Susanna and Marc opted for tracks from SLV. Hardly any type of lighting offers more flexibility: with tracks, all luminaires can be exchanged, added or aligned differently.

And when it comes to energy efficiency, power track is also impressive: With indirect lighting and smart control, electricity can be saved.

We opted for SLV right from the start and that made the lighting design very easy for us.

Marc Mevißen, Architect.

Service and quality from SLV

There is a reason why Susanna and Marc chose luminaires from SLV: Marc Mevißen already knew SLV from his studies of architecture, when he had with light and shadow in the showroom.

When planning the lighting for their own dream house, the two influencers were particularly convinced by the design and the attractive price-performance ratio of the tracks.

Added to this was the good support and fast service from SLV.

Light as a work of art

The dining room of Susanna and Marc's house has a large air space with a height of 5.65m. Above the dining table table, the couple wanted to create a kind of sculpture made of luminaires.
As a basic construction, conductor rails were invisibly integrated into the acoustic ceiling in order to remain as flexible as possible.

To come up with ideas, the team from SLV worked with the clients on site for inspiration and presented many new luminaires. "The PANTILO from SLV appealed to us best in terms of design and we love this reflection in the luminaires very much and they round off our concept."

The PANTILO pendant luminaire impresses with its unusual look:
The shade made of chrome-plated glass can be easily combined to create a stylish cloud of luminaires. The seven PANTILO luminaires above the large dining table perfectly match the high wooden ceiling, the light-coloured walls, the grey floor and the black window frames in the house of Susanna and Marc's house.

Luminaires are not only functional - they can also give a room an identity as a work of art.

Susanna Mevißen.

Indirect light for a pleasant living ambience

The house is not only equipped with lighting from SLV on the ceilings:

Spots are also integrated into the floor, where the colours can be individually adjusted.

The two builders rely on indirect lighting and smart control for all lighting solutions in their dream house:

Depending on the light intensity in the room, some indirect luminaires illuminate the surroundings/room in the evening and immerse the house in the desired ambience. This means that hardly any light has to be actively switched on, which saves energy.

Ecological building and lighting

Thanks to well thought-out insulation, a flat roof with a photovoltaic system and selected materials such as concrete, wood, glass and natural stone, the passive house of the two influencers Susanna and Marc meets the KfW40+ standard and is a plus-energy building. With the PV system, they produce significantly more energy than they consume. The house also has an energy storage system and a wallbox to use the electricity even more effectively.

This approach also fits in with our sustainability strategy: because we also try to focus on the use of secondary raw materials in the production of lighting solutions, and consistently reduce packaging waste and transport emissions.

Strong projects. strong partner.

Building owners:
Susanna und Marc Mevißen

Waldfeucht, Nordrhein-Westfalen
E-Mail: [email protected]

Lighting design:
The building owners in cooperation with the SLV sales force

The lighting for the villa in Waldfeucht is not the only cooperation that our specialists have actively supported. Our partners can be found throughout Europe, with projects of all sizes.

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