New energy labels from 2021: Revised energy efficiency classes for lighting

From September 2021 new energy labels and revised energy efficiency classes for lighting will come into force. Energy consumption will then categorise devices in classes A to G. Below we have summarised what this means for you, and what you must bear in mind in future.

What are energy labels?

Energy consumption labelling – also referred to as energy labels – have existed in the EU since 1998. The energy label serves as a simple guide to help you select and purchase environmentally-friendly, energy-saving products. In the initial phase, only "mains-supplied lamps for the generation of light within the home" were required to bear such a label.

What is changing with the new energy label?

The implementation of the new regulations for lighting are governed by EU-Regulations EU 2019/2015 and/or 2021/340 (product information) as well as EU 2019/2020 and/or 2021/341 (product design), which replace and expand upon the previous regulations. They refer to all light sources, such as LED modules or lamps with bulb sockets.

Here ""light sources"" refers not only to lamps (= with bulbs), but also all lighting whereby the bulb cannot be removed. Specifically, this means:

  • Lights with integrated light sources that can be removed without destroying them are considered enclosing products and do not receive an energy label – however, the energy class of the integrated light source must be stated in the manual.

  • Individually sold operating devices, including LED drivers, must in future state new information on the packaging.

  • Light fittings with a socket, into which the bulb can be inserted, are no longer affected by energy labelling

Other new additions refer to the replaceability of light sources and operating devices for enclosing products, and to their labelling, as well as the listing of light sources in the new version of the [EU's EPREL database] ( with extended parameters.

The new EU regulation has been in force since September 2021 and must be visible on all affected products.

How the appearance of the labelling on the product is changing

The previously used "Plus" classes, such as A+++, A++ and A+, are to be done away with. In future, the energy classes will be indicated by means of a colour code and a label, which will also feature the scale.

Why have the energy efficiency classes been revised?

With the new regulation, there will also be a new energy class scale. The new scale ranges from A to G. The requirements for each class have been designed in such a way that it will, in future, only be possible to achieve classes A to C. This means, by way of an example, that a light source with an E energy class rating still has good efficiency. However, it also means that there is no correlation between the previous energy classes and the new system.

The new energy label, simply explained

(By clicking on the yellow dots, you can access an explanation of the individual sections)


Model designation

… or name of the product (e.g. EAN)


energy labels

Energieverbrauch ausgewiesen in kWh/1000h.

QR Code

Er verknüpft zu den Produktinformationen in der EPREL Datenbank.

More detailed information on the 2021 energy label

The German Electrical Industry Association (Verband der Elektroindustrie, ZVEI) has put together a comprehensive info brochure. It explains the background to the revision, deadlines, obligations on the part of manufacturers and retailers, the new eco-design requirements in relation to resource-efficiency, and the new energy label itself.

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