One family for all cases

One product family, different light forms

Every member of a family is different and very individual. But there are also similarities within a family, and not only externally. Inner values are also passed on through genes or education. These are usually passed on from generation to generation.

SLV product families are no different. The lights of one family may differ in type, but the external similarity is striking and they also have similar or identical components inside. And here, too, the younger generations are becoming more modern and sometimes replace the older ones. As important as the inner values may be, the outward appearance is often decisive in planning. After all, even the best technical setup is of no use if the different lights do not fit stylistically into the overall concept of the room or garden design.

With our product families we make planning particularly easy for you. This is because the lights in a family all have the same design, which is reflected in different types of lights such as wall, floor or even pendant lights. This means they can be combined in many different ways and creates a holistic light image.

The most important facts about SLV product families

What defines a product family? In essence, the term 'product family' refers to a group of products whose manufacturing requires similar processing steps and is geared to the specific requirements of certain sectors. Product variants are subordinate to it, which contain a configured material or other modifiable variants. In simple terms: Products in a family are technically and optically almost identical, but may differ in the type of light (wall light, ceiling light, path light).

Product families combine the old and the new Technology is constantly changing and with it the demands on the right lighting. Therefore, our products are subject to constant optimisation in order to always be technically up-to-date. In concrete terms, this means that we make sure that our tried and tested lighting classics, which also include many of our product families, are equipped with new technology.

For example, the PLASTRA family. The tried and tested light family is not only impressive because of its wide range of variants. It also allows for your own creative use. Because the plaster lights cannot only be glued or painted. They can just as easily be sanded down again and redesigned. >> the PLASTRA family

To dress proven technology in a new design is also part of our work and is considered the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. Many a (product) family does not want to break with old traditions. The MEDO family has been one of the most popular products for over five years due to its timeless design. It is characterised by the number of different models and a high quality of workmanship. Precisely suitable for every room: The MEDOs can be used universally thanks to their extensive range of colours and sizes. >> To the MEDO family

Aesthetics and efficiency in one family

In different areas of the house and garden, different demands are placed on the lighting. While a cosy light (warm white) may prevail in the living room, dining area and bedroom, the study and kitchen require a much brighter light (neutral white). Outdoor lights that are exposed to the whims of nature day and night must also have a certain degree of protection, depending on the location, but at least IP44.

Anyone who wants to illuminate all areas in a uniform lighting design will opt for product families. Because a well-rounded lighting concept is created by the perfect combination of aesthetics and efficiency. Particularly when optical continuity of interior and exterior lighting is required, our light families are ideally suited to uniformly design different rooms and room situations while remaining versatile.

An all-rounder among our families is, among others, our HELIA product family. With nine application areas for indoor and outdoor, it is considered a particularly versatile product. The purist and functional family remains consistent not only in its design language but also in the technology used: The Premium LED with warm white light colour. Whether as a display, ground spike or floor lamp (with or without sensor) and wall light for outdoor use – or as a power-track spotlight, wall and pendant light for indoor use. SLV HELIA is suitable for the holistic planning of a lighting concept. >> To the HELIA family

Optically as well as functionally, the ENOLA® family was a wonderful addition to the HELIA. The puristic light family consists of a cylindrical or rectangular aluminium structure and is available for indoor and outdoor use – as ceiling, floor, pendant and wall lights. Thanks to different sizes, colours and shapes, the ENOLA® family is universally applicable and equipped with a powerful LED. The built-in CCT switch also allows individual adjustment of the light colour. >> To the ENOLA® family


The diversity of variants and their technical uniformity make SLV product families the ideal solution for a uniform interior and lighting design, especially for integrated project planning. Their further development never stands still, so that you can always rely on extensions or completely new developments of our light families.

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