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IP protection classes at a glance

IP protection classes at a glance

Lights in the area up to 0.6 m around the bath, shower or washbasin should have a rating of at least IP44 to protect against water splashing from any direction. An IP54 rating indicates that the light is also protected against dust.

IP 67

To ensure they will remain watertight during temporary immersion, lights immediately next to a shower or bath must have an IP67 rating.


An IP65 rating is ideal up to a height of 2.25m around the shower/bathtub as this offers optimum dustproof protection for lights against jets of water from any angle.

Bathtub, wash basin, shower or bathroom mirror -all perfectly staged

To ensure that the high-quality wash basins and the surrounding area benefit from optimal lighting conditions, conical LIGHT EYE pendant Lights made of steel with textile-covered cabling are used. As far as the lighting is concerned, they create just the feel-good atmosphere that a modern wellness haven needs, which is perfectly showcased in the showroom. The direct light emission can be repositioned on the track and focused in different directions, time and time again. The height can also be adjusted using the shortenable cable.


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