At SLV, we understand sustainability as the balanced interaction of the three areas of economy, environment and society. Only by considering all processes of our core business holistically can we ensure that we are successful as a company in the long term, without performing at the expense of society or the environment.

At the SLV Lighting Group, we want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Sven Schirmer, Leadership Team.

As a business unit and brand of the SLV Lighting Group GmbH, we take our responsibility towards the environment and people very seriously. We are committed to providing our customers with environmentally friendly and resource-efficient products while minimising our impact on the environment and the climate.


The German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI) has presented our SAMRINA outdoor luminaire as a best-practice example of plastics recycling in one of its guides to plastics recycling. With the SAMRINA luminaire we achieve the goal of replacing as many primary raw materials as possible with secondary raw materials, while maintaining the same high quality and durability of the products. The ground spike luminaires are mainly made of LyondellBasell's Schuladur® GF30 plastic, which consists of 35% recycled raw materials. The proportion of recycled material accounts for 17 % of the total mass of the product.

Replacing primary raw materials with secondary raw materials has a double effect. Firstly, waste and residual materials can be returned to a functioning circular economy, resulting in less plastic waste being released into the environment. Secondly, the use of secondary raw materials reduces the need for primary materials. This reduces the ecological footprint of the product while maintaining its quality.


SLV and SLV Lighting Group are convinced that the sustainability strategy will have a positive long-term impact on society, the environment and our economic viability. As an ultimate goal, the group has set itself the target of becoming climate neutral by 2025 for Scope 1 (direct emissions) and Scope 2 (indirect emissions from the purchase of electricity, heat or steam). By 2035, Scope 3 (all other emissions related to the actions of the company or its partners and suppliers) will also be covered.
The integration of social and environmental concerns, which were already addressed in detail in the CSR handbook published in 2021, also continues to be an important component. For example, regular ESG audits of suppliers are conducted to ensure that there are no human rights violations along the value chain and that our suppliers are committed to acting in accordance with the Group's values.

The full Sustainability Report 2022 with our focus on circular economy, climate change, social responsibility and Global People Agenda can be found at Questions and suggestions about sustainability at SLV should be sent to [email protected].

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