Lighting scenes for the interior and exterior of a company building

For the new company building of Mantel KreativPlanung GmbH, SLV was allowed to provide the lighting concept and the luminaires in cooperation with architect Melanie Zimmermann. Inspiration for this was provided by the immediate surroundings: "The building is beautifully situated in terms of landscape, directly on the Kinzig river... surrounded by Black Forest hills... Coherent lighting blends in quite harmoniously with the surroundings without over-radiating and at the same time sets a striking accent in the landscape." (Melanie Zimmermann)

Not only the exterior was supplied by SLV, but also the interior of the office space and meeting rooms . In this article we focus on the coherent outdoor ambience, which delivers a harmonious overall picture through clever planning. Whether parking lot areas , entrance area incl. outdoor staircase, or bed lighting and staging of trees, shrubs & Co. - in this project report you will find valuable tips and inspiration around the lighting design for various areas outside the four walls.

For larger trees, consider ground lighting that can illuminate the trefoil and leaves, preferably on three or four sides of the tree.

Further inspiration for lighting vegetation:


Tip: Be careful not to use too much light, as this can be disturbing to the environment and nature. It is a good idea to use smart control that will turn the lights on and off in time at dusk and often turn them off at the desired time. Nature also needs full darkness to recover after a sunny/illuminated day. Generally, dimmable fixtures are recommended for garden lighting so you can adjust the amount of light to seasonal variations. Make sure the lighting serves a purpose - that it shines on one or more objects. Avoid shining only into "space," which contributes to light pollution.

When choosing lighting fixtures, it depends on what lighting effect should be achieved. Warm white light, which looks almost golden, you get about 2700K. This will create a yellow glow on white surfaces. If you want more neutral light, you should use luminaires with about 3000K, which correctly reproduces natural colors. At 4000K, the luminaires/ lamps will give a cool white color. Another important element is the ability of the light source to render colors (CRI - Color Rendering). The higher this value, the better the color fastness. For outdoor use, it should be at least CRI > 80.

The right light for terrace, balcony, loggia.

Whether terrace, balcony or loggia - "living space" outdoors should not only be highlighted with good lighting, but also made safe(er). As soon as the weather permits, outdoor living areas increase the quality of life. Especially in the evening hours, it is important that the right lighting creates the right mood, but at the same time guarantees safe use of the areas. As romantic as candlelight is - outdoor lights are no substitute for it.

The outdoor lighting for balcony, loggia & Co. also influences the quality of stay: with atmospheric lighting effect, the homely atmosphere is supported and relaxed hours are guaranteed. Thus, the living space is extended to the outside, because viewed from the interior, the changed lighting conditions cancel reflections on dark window surfaces. The outdoor space of terrace, balcony or loggia thus becomes visually perceptible and included in the living space.

More inspiration for the lighting of their living space outdoors:

Those who have a canopy, awning or even a wall available should consider recessed or surface-mounted luminaires that can provide additional light from above and to the side. As a complement, for example, decorative bollard or recessed lights can be used on the ground to frame the area. If the lighting is to have primarily a decorative effect, high lumen output is not of paramount importance, but an adequate IP rating is. In areas where safety is a concern, there should be some light output - more on this in the next paragraph. 

or the exterior lighting, it was important to us to emphasize the architecture of the building and to particularly highlight striking components, such as the exterior staircase. The lighting stages the building from all sides - serving orientation and wayfinding - and at the same time there are also playful and decorative accents (such as the light cones on the ramp, which can also be changed depending on the angle of inclination)

Melanie Zimmermann, interior designer

Tip: Integrated LED or "socket inside"?

In some cases, only an integrated LED is possible due to the design of the luminaire housing. Then it makes sense to check whether the luminaire can still be dimmed, or the light color changed. Socket Inside solutions are on the rise because they offer great flexibility: when you choose the light source, you also determine the options in terms of light color and light effect. Standard sizes are, for example, GU10 or E27 sockets. Here you should consider the space that the bulb has in the luminaire, because here there is variation in terms of diameter and length. Filament bulbs mimic the Edison carbon bulbs and are very decorative. Integrated LEDs / bulbs have a slightly higher investment to begin with, but it pays off with a longer life and more light throughout the life of the fixture. Some of our lights have LED modules that can be replaced by an electrician.

Exterior lighting for the driveway

The driveway or access road should be illuminated so that road users can easily find the right way to the house and parking. It can also accentuate and highlight special architectural elements. Harmoniously coordinated with the facade lighting and the entrance lighting, a round lighting concept is created, which perfectly sets the stage for the entire property. The positioning of light sources and their light color and light intensity play a decisive role in determining the overall impression of the property at night. The lighting should be low-glare. Indirect lighting is optimal, where one does not look directly into the light source.

The client and managing director Jürgen Mantel opted for clean elegance with a high level of functionality for the parking spaces, driveway and access routes. The L-LINE and the QUAD-POLE bollard luminaires are used. Both convince with a high IP protection of 65, the L-LINE comes even with CCT switch. Important questions were clarified directly in advance: How does who get onto the site and which perspectives have to be taken into acco

Lots of natural light, paired with natural elements of wood and restrained-straightforward black rails, surface-mounted and pendant luminaires, the optimal atmosphere for working, brainstorming and exchanging is created here. Works of art or smaller seating areas are accentuated by means of spots & SIGHT MOVE and also in the bathroom is provided for the necessary basic lighting above sink and Co.

Strong partners, strong project:

Client:: Jürgen Mantel, managing director Mantel Kreativ GmbH

Inselstr. 26
77756 Hausach


Interior designer, lighting designer: Melanie Zimmermann

Mantel KreativPlanung GmbH has existed for more than two decades and successfully combines creativity, innovation and craftsmanship! The team consists of carpenters, technicians, interior designers and project managers who implement exciting projects with practical know-how and constantly growing innovative strength.

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