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LED lamps have now become the established standard for the majority of lighting applications, and make an impression with maximum efficiency as far as consumption, service life and robustness are concerned.

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lamp, 3000K, 240°, 810lm

Item no.: 1001031

500+ in Stock
LED T45 lamp

E27 1600 lm 4000K 240° CRI>80

Item no.: 1002828

250+ in Stock
LED lamp

G125, E27, 2000-2900K, 280°, dimmable, smoked glass

Item no.: 1003096

50+ in Stock
LED lamp Ellipse

E27, 2700K, 1300lm, 280°, dimmable

Item no.: 1003097

<10 in Stock
LED lamp with mirrored head

A60, E27, gold, 200lm, 180°, dimmable

Item no.: 1003098

25+ in Stock
LED lamp with mirrored head

G125, E27, 2000K - 2900K, 400lm, 280°, dimmable, gold

Item no.: 1003099

25+ in Stock
LED lamp T32

E27, 2200K, 250lm, dimmable

Item no.: 1003100

100+ in Stock
LED lamp QT14

G9, 2600K, 250lm, dimmable

Item no.: 1003102

25+ in Stock
LED lamp

T32, GU10, 2700K, dimmable

Item no.: 1003101

250+ in Stock

E27, 2700K, 1000lm, 360°, dimmable, white housing

Item no.: 1003093

500+ in Stock
LED lamp

A60, E27, 2700K, 810lm, 270°, dimmable, frosted glass

Item no.: 1003090

500+ in Stock
LED lamp

A60, E27, 2700K, 640lm dimmable

Item no.: 1003085

500+ in Stock
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