Be it for electricians, planners, end customers or trade: Get to know the problem solvers from SLV

We are in constant communication with our customers, and our products have undergone continuous further development in order to make their daily work easier. In so doing, it is not just about the quality of our luminaires, but particularly supposed small things which ultimately make the decisive difference. Because if you are standing in the garden and the next socket is too far away, a new LED strip has to be opened just for a few extra centimetres or several LED luminaires which are (unfortunately only almost) identical are in stock so that they can be delivered quickly, you should take a look at our problem solvers.

At the earth spike and on the track: Sockets from SLV


The robust wind and weather-proof earth spike sockets from SLV are designed to be used different countries, and are growing in popularity. Thanks to their portability, they can be flexibly used anywhere outdoors, and help with a wide range of lighting projects. In combination with earth spike spotlights, for example, or as an energy source during gardening work. Let’s move indoors: In order to provide maximum flexibility, track systems are being used in an increasing number of premises. The 3-phase track systems from SLV can be found in many businesses, and flexibly arrangeable sockets can often be found on the tracks, which particularly make cabling and connecting easier.

Recessed spotlights etc.: Let it be uncomplicated!

More flexibility and storage space thanks to CCT Switch

Off-the-shelf individuality

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