Our all-rounder families: Harmonious lighting from SLV!

Regardless of whether it is an electrician, light planner or equipper: When we are talking about lighting, not only are the popular technical characteristics such as light emission, luminous intensity and light colour decisive, but also the stylistic direction of the luminaires. We at SLV have a wide range of different product families for indoors and outdoors, whose design and appearance are uncompromisingly compatible. You can look forward to a selection of different luminaires which can be used and combined in many different ways, provide you with orientation during holistic planning and turn your project into an experience. If you can’t quite get it right and require assistance, our team would be pleased to hear from you. And now: Enjoy browsing, planning and installing!

Karpo: Right to the point in lighting and design

We still occasionally have to rub our eyes in disbelief during product development. This was the case with the Karpo, a slimline and delicate product which is firmly anchored in the SLV portfolio because of its uncompromising quality in design, robustness and technology. This powerful and economical premium LED spotlight generates light that hits the target with the unmistakeable cylinder. And regardless of whether you would like to use the Karpo as a wall light, a reading light next to the bed (with optional USB connection and shelf), as a floor stand, a table lamp or a recess-mounted light: You will find 18 different Karpo versions in BIG WHITE 2020 alone, and more in the shop.

Medo: The charming all-rounder


It’s been more than ten years since Medo was included in the SLV product range for the first time. Initially as a lone warrior for wall and ceiling mounting, the Medo impressed both professional and private users thanks to its discreet appearance and homogeneous, glare-free lighting. The indoor product family gradually extended to the current 67 luminaires plus accessories in BIG WHITE 2020, where it is firmly established and fulfils various design and technology requirements. Be it round, square or in a ring shape, for surface or recess mounting, with corona effect or with a suspension set, with CCT switch or as DALI version: The success story continues. Join us in writing it!

Theo and Big Theo: Curtain up for the evergreen

When the first BIG WHITE appeared, the Theo had long since been a fixed constituent of out outdoor product range, and has always been popular with our customers since this time. This is hardly surprising, since the straight-lined design, uncompromising robustness and flexible usage options leave little to be desired. Available in different versions, colours and sizes and for mounting on walls and ceilings, the appearance of the SLV evergreen is now being marked by a special come-back: The Theo Pathlight outdoor floor stand is making a comeback – some of you may be familiar with it! It can now be found in BIG WHITE 2020 on 37 occasions under the names of Theo and Big Theo – and even more often in the Web shop. In other words, plenty of elbow room for your project. When are you starting?

Plastra: The plaster luminaires from SLV

There are few SLV luminaire families with as much flexibility as the Plastra. As one of our most well-tried products both for professionals and in the home, it provides the user with maximum decision-making freedom with its plaster finish: Paint over it, glue onto it or simply leave it white – every decision is spot on! You will find a total of 26 different Plastra variants for wall and ceiling mounting as a pendant or recess-mounted light in BIG WHITE 2020 – and you’ll find more here in the Web shop. When are you going to show how creative you are?


Lisenne: A true enhancement in every respect

Our Lisenne may not be as widely represented as some of the other products in BIG WHITE 2020 with a total of six different item numbers, but the total number of possible applications of this graceful and attractive product hits the spot every time. It is available as a wall light, ceiling light, pendant, table light and path light. The rustic style catches the eye and use with an appropriate E27 lamp generates an attractive light through the brown glass which optionally provides sure footing or a warm feel-good atmosphere. Even on cool late summer evenings with a glass of wine, nothing can go wrong – particularly if it several areas can be illuminated at the same time.

Helia: Variety for indoors and outdoors

Did you know that the Helia is the most wide-ranging SLV product with its nine different application areas? You will find at least one luminaire from the Helia family in many product categories, with characteristics that remain consistent beyond its design language: With warm white 3000 Kelvin in the premium LED. Be it as a display, earth spike or floor stand (with and without sensor) and wall light for use outdoors or as a track spotlight, wall light and pendant for indoors – the Helia is suitable for the holistic planning of a lighting concept, and impresses 37 times in BIG WHITE 2020, including accessories. It’s time to convince yourself!

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