Chez SLV, l'esthétisme est de mise. Nous développons des produits innovants en étroite collaboration avec notre équipe de designers en interne, des designers de produits et des partenaires technologiques de renom. Style classique, moderne ou tendance, tout le monde y trouvera ce qu'il cherche.


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Andreas Robertz

"If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got."
-Albert Einstein

Carsten Witsch

"Form, function, processing and ease of use should be harmonious in a product. Good design is characterized not only by the appearance of the products, but also by its functionality."

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David Morgan

"Excellent light quality from innovative, distinctive and 
attractive luminaire designs."

Johan Carpner

"I would like to challenge the common ways to express a design, a product without being odd. My goal is to look at the design history and try to be the next step. We are in a time of new possibilities in technology and manufacturing that makes this an interesting era of design."

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Johannes Tomm

"Design is not the solution, but makes it much more 

Markus Becker

"A good design is easy!
It is easy to understand.
It is easy to use.
And It's easy to get."

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Susanne Uerlings

Susanne Uerlings designs products which are more than simple everyday items, they have a high emotional value.

Vincent de Smedt

"A brand is a story, the product it’s hero."

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