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E14, candle shape, 2700-6500K, More
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The PLAY E14 CCT LED lamp from SLV is more than a typical E14 lamp. It not only fulfils the purpose of lighting but also enriches its environment far more, can be adjusted to the current mood in an inimitable way, creating a unique lighting experience. Enjoy the highest level of user convenience: When it is used with the Amazon Alexa and the Google Home System, the light is really at the cutting edge. This way or that, users have the choice of whether they want to control the various scenarios by voice, via app, with the remote control which can be purchased separately, or classically via light switch. Stay flexible. You want to know a bit more? Gladly. SLV PLAY E14 CCT is based on the E14 socket and is characterised by having a high degree of energy efficiency as well as an uncomplicated start-up and an impressive service life of 25,000 hours. The light is also available within less than 0.5 seconds with this model. Due to all of these advantages and the functionality that is provided, this lamp can be used in commercial areas such as business or sales rooms or in trade fair construction for creating an emotive setting, among other things. It's worth taking a look at the data sheet to check out the details. This model is characterised by having a luminous intensity of 400 Lumen, a weighted internal consumption of 6.8 Watts and an individually adjustable colour temperature of between 2,700 and 6,500 Kelvin. A hub, a bridge or a gateway are not required. A WLAN signal is required for full usability. You can look forward to your product with the customary SLV quality!

Technical data

Net weight
0.12 kg
Energy efficiency index
Colour consistency
59 lm/W
ignition time
1 s
Rated light output
59 lm/W
Nominal voltage
220-240V ~50/60Hz
Start-up time
0.5 s
Service life
25000 h
Operational cycles
IP Code
IP 20
Lamp type
Weighted energy consumption
7 kWh/1.000h
Electrical power factor
0.51 phi
Maximum ambient temperature
35 °C
Minimum ambient temperature
-20 °C
electrical power
6.8 W
Half beam angle
240 °
Luminous Flux
400 lm
5.6 cm
10.9 cm
Manual (pdf)
CE declaration (pdf)
Datasheet (pdf)

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