SLV gives you the opportunity to design the lighting in your house and home in a smart way with the VALETO SMART HOME product range.

It’s up to you whether you would like to design the light atmosphere in room in a smart way or control lighting and sensors in the entire house by remote control and using your phone. VALETO SMART HOME is child’s play to integrate, even if you are already using a solution from another manufacturer.

It’s your decision as to how complex the conversion to Smart Home should be. For example, you can merely use smart lamps and control them by remote control. Or you can use the fully-fledged VALETO product portfolio and install additional sensors and control everything via a mobile app.

There’s something for every taste.

A smart affair

The SLV VALETO system gives you the opportunity to make any luminaire smart. All you need to do is choose the right lamp, and you can then control it by remote control or using an app. It doesn’t matter which manufacturer the existing luminaire comes from.

Do you want more?

Is a remote-controlled luminaire not enough for you? If so, make your home smarter and use the SLV control modules and the gateway. In this way, you are preparing your house for the future and can keep an eye on things yourself from a distance.

The new SLV gateway uses the latest Zigbee 3.0 wireless transmission protocol, and is also compatible with other smart luminaire systems. The gateway is “Made in Germany” and is subject to all of the latest strict EU data privacy directives. All of the data stays with you and is not stored anywhere else.
Another advantage is the long range, since each smart SLV luminaire can transmit the signal of the controller 30-40m (so-called meshability).
In order to do this, the gateway is simply connected to your home router and configured using the enclosed description. The smart luminaires are detected automatically. All that you need is an Internet connection on your mobile terminal device, and you can operate all smart luminaires via the gateway app from home or on the move.

If you use the SLV VALETO control modules, you don’t even need smart lamps. Simply install the control modules upstream of your luminaires and the gateway will communicate with the module. In this way, you still have flexibility in your choice of lamp, and you have retrofitted a Smart Home with consummate ease. This is particularly suitable for ceiling and wall installations.


As well as the smart luminaires, SLV VALETO also has a range of sensors. It’s extremely simple to supplement your smart lighting with other advantages. The water sensor informs you of water damage in your home at any time (provided that you have an Internet connection).

The window and door sensor and the motion sensors inform you immediately if windows or doors are broken open. The motion sensor is not only used for switching the light on and off automatically, but can also notify you of unusual movements in the house while you are away. This gives you the opportunity to react immediately. The SLV VALETO smoke detector provides additional protection, and notifies you of possible smoke formation and fires using a audio signal and also by means of app messages. You are therefore not only warned when you are at home, but also when you are on the move.


Since October 2018 VALETO Smart Home is also compatible with Amazon and has its own skill. You can therefore also operate your luminaires very conveniently using voice control.

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