Shop lighting: SLV has the right lighting for vegetables, fruit, meat and textiles.

Business premises, hotels and restaurants are particularly strongly affected by rising energy costs. In order to attract customers, the usual light quality and the desired lighting effects should in the meantime be maintained. To achieve this, there is a constant search for long-life and energy efficient solutions to make the shop lighting unmistakable and affordable. Here the important factor is the appropriate lighting concept,which should be adapted to the corresponding requirements and products. Because bread and other foodstuffs need to be presented in a different light from a skirt in a boutique or flowers in a florist's shop .

Professional product lighting in shops and in catering.

Perfectly presented – lighting systems to increase sales

Attractively presented goods are simply easier to sell if they are perfectly lit. Which is why the right lighting concept plays a hugely important part in the design of a shop. In clothes shops, and here particularly in the changing rooms, we recommend warm lighting, i.e. light with a warm colour temperature. This gives customers a healthy, tanned skin tone, ensuring a more attractive appearance and increasing the chances of a purchase. Our tip: Always make sure that you have sufficient lighting in your shop premises, to let your customers see what they are buying.

Food that looks more appetising for longer

Perfect presentation of goods in specialist retail shops is an essential part of shop design and equipment. In a butcher's shop, the cooked meats counter not only has to fulfil its purpose, but also provide some visual qualities In general, the counter should be perfectly integrated into the retail premises, in order to prevent unnecessary waste of space. Also, the cooked meats counter needs to comply with hygiene requirements. Where food is displayed, a comprehensive level of care is required It is essential to ensure that the cooked meats counter has suitable chilling units and efficient lighting that can minimise the development of heat. Of course, this type of technical installation is a high cost factor for sales and catering enterprises. And yet professionally planned and efficient equipment is indispensable. SLV will be happy to advise you on integrating the optimum lighting system.

COB LED - attractive and product-conserving presentation of fresh foods

The fresh food areas in supermarkets in particular are equipped with elaborate lighting sources. The operators of shops want to present the fresh foods as attractively as possible and at the same time ensure an inviting atmosphere.

Thanks to modern LED technology: low heat development, economical & always the right light colour

But not all light is the same. For bread and baked goods, warm white light should be used – for example using our COB LED module with 3200 Kelvin. The perfect LED solution for meat counters is our module with 3600 Kelvin. The pink-white light colour of these modules in particular makes the meat look very fresh. Choose our professional solutions if you want a natural presentation for fresh food counters that will both display the red of meat well but also emphasise the white parts in the best possible manner. When presenting clothing or fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables, we recommend a brighter or more natural light with 4200 Kelvin.

COB LED module for AIXLIGHT® PRO light system

The AIXLIGHT® PRO series is the starting point of a professional, modular recessed ceiling light system for suspended ceilings. According to demand, you can utilise components with different material thicknesses from 8 – 29 mm. The lighting system from the house of SLV is intended for the use of individual lighting concepts. According to your style of décor and equipment, you can use installation frames with or without external frames – in either case, the system will create a powerful effect.

Overview table: Comparison of colour temperatures


The colour temperature of light is given in Kelvin. The many shades or light colours are mainly divided into three levels. These are warm white, neutral white and daylight white.

In the overview table we compare the different colour temperatures for the different areas of utilisation.

AIXLIGHT® PRO – Modular recessed ceiling system

The AIXLIGHT® PRO light system for recessed ceiling lights has been specially designed for professional use. SLV's versions, whether single, double or triple-headed, are available for you with or without frames, including all accessories.

What you can expect: An innovative and varied family of LED recessed spots, covering all applications of high-quality sales space lighting. SLV offers several lumen packages, different colour temperatures and a variety of beam angles.

Our expert employees would be happy to advise you on the selection of the right lights and lamps. We offer you the complete range, starting with standard spots and lamps, to energy saving lamps and finally to efficient LED technology - SLV contact.