Luminaires made of natural materials

Bamboo, fibered textiles, stainless steel, concrete, granite, sandstone or plaster – our lamps come in a wide range of different materials. But something they all have in common is their classic formal design and exquisite craftsmanship. Enjoy a whole new line-up of lamps that put an emphasis on the expressiveness of natural materials.


Outdoor fittings made from natural stone provide an exclusive look. This is because natural stone is always individual due to the nature of its surface, blending harmoniously into any surrounding. Like any natural made outdoor products they perform excellently during turbulent weather conditions.


Wood is an unbelievably versatile material. It has a sophisticated effect, high-quality and it never loses its uniqueness. Our fittings with a wood design are made from natural bamboo and will enhance any environment – optionally available in dark or light wood.


All of our stainless steel fittings are unique. Due to the chemical treatment of the steel it produces an individual appearance each time. Our stainless steel fittings have one thing in common: their warm appearance brings a cosy atmosphere to any environment.