Light makes shopping a thrilling experience and does influence consumer behaviour. Successful shop concepts include well thought-out lighting designs which are used to show off the shape and colour of products and to set the scene skilfully. It matters not if it is a supermarket, a flagship store, a fashion boutique, or a car dealership. If properly planned, the shop lighting can stimulate impulses, highlight products and support the customers when they make their purchasing decisions.

You can create accents using SLV's luminaires

Several challenges need to be overcome at the same time when lighting a shop: Design, energy-efficiency, and sustainability as well as the best possible presentation of the products. SLV offers ans extensive range of spots, recessed fittings and track systems for both the high-voltage (240V) and low-voltage range. SLV's high-quality products ensure that the atmosphere is right in all areas. And, as a result, that the shop lighting meets your diverse needs. You benefit from a large product range, short delivery times and competent advice based on many years of experience.

Professionals in use: Our ideas for proper lighting

Light effects: Light draws the attention of the observer onto the products. In most cases, a mix of indirect and direct lighting is suitable for this. Our track spots and track systems provide pleasant ambient lighting. Point illumination using individual spotlights draws the focus onto individual objects.
Creating accents: Here, you highlight special features such as the material or colours of a product. Using our recessed fittings and spots with various beam angles, light colours and luminous fluxes, you can create specific accents. Have we inspired you? Ask us about the best luminaires for your business ideas. We would be delighted to create an individual quotation for your optimal shop lighting system.