Johannes Tomm

"Design is not the solution, but makes it much more enjoyable"

Johannes Tomm was born in 1970 and began his career as a designer by training to be a metalworker. After the training, the Munich-based designer established a business for manufacturing special luminaires. This included a pilot series of his own designs. In 2001 Johhanes Tomm opened his design studio in Munich, which is now equipped with lighting units for indoors and outdoors and urban furnishings.


 The luminares from the Munich designer impress with their extraordinary design. As well as the design, the table lamps in particular make an impression with their technical features. Whilst the table lamp performs the task of charging the batteries of certain mobile phones by simply putting them down near the lamp (inductive), it can be switched on and off by simply touching it. In addition to the table lamps, the BRENDA series also includes a wall light and a pendant.