Carsten Witsch

"Form, function, processing and ease of use should be harmonious in a product. Good design is characterized not only by the appearance of the products, but also by its functionality."

Following his successful training as a media designer, Carsten Witsch started his degree course on the subject of design at the University of Aachen in 2005. He graduated in 2009, and founded his company Witsch Design. Since then, Carsten Witsch has worked as a freelance industrial designer. In 2011 Carsten Witsch returned to the University of Aachen as a lecturer in the design area, and has been passing on his knowledge to students since then.


Carsten Witsch combines an extraordinary design with functionality in the SPHERA pendant. With its clear design and the appealing contrast of the aluminium and acrylic glass materials that have been used, this exclusive SLV luminaire is suitable for wide-area room lighting. The SPHERA is a dimmable pendant luminaire, and impresses with its sophisticated high-gloss lacquer finish.