Garden lighting – a feel-good atmosphere outside

Only with the right outdoor lighting for your garden and terrace can you round off the appearance of your house. Carefully matched, stage-setting outdoor fittings, such as pathway lighting and floor stands, floodlights and ground spike lights, combine to produce an expressive system. Our range of outdoor fittings is as versatile as the buildings themselves to which they can add their individual characteristics. Lighting designers are not employed for the sake of it when designing lighting plans using outdoor fittings to light up prominent buildings in the best possible way. However, private consumers can also use light in a multi-faceted way to light up their property, create wonderful pathways and colourful flowerbeds. The interplay of light and shadow emphasises structural building façades, lights up brickwork and creates welcoming entrances – the possibilities are endless. Be inspired by our extensive range of quality outdoor fittings with energy-saving LED lamps and timeless shapes suitable for all sorts of environments.