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Inspiration for the right lighting for your home

Our inspirations and applications give you design and lighting ideas for the home area. Light determines a room's effect and is therefore essential for a comfortable, welcoming home. Be it the hallway, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, terrace or garden, SLV delivers you the right impetus for ideal lighting concepts both for inside and out. Numerous types of luminaires in modern designs and trendy colours – and at an attractive price. Allow yourself to be guided and inspired through the various living areas and learn how you can use light and lighting within your four walls in a sensible and creative way.

Pioneering lighting for the entrance

Inviting and safe at the same time: The proper lighting for an entrance area, such as pathway and floor stands, floodlights and façade lighting, shows the way, helps to find the keyhole and deters uninvited visitors. Present your house in the right light with proper outdoor lighting; first impressions count
Lighting for the entrance

Beautifully lit hallways and stairways

Hallway lamps show you and your visitors the way perfectly. Straight hallways only normally have limited natural light. This means that the proper lighting is particularly important for hallways and stairways. SLV offers a large selection of representative luminaires to provide good illumination in hallways, stairways and corridors for wall and ceiling mounting.
Beautifully lit hallways and stairways

Lamps to provide good light in the bathroom

Much is demanded of lighting in bathrooms: bright light for personal care and subdued lighting for relaxing. Therefore plan your bathroom lighting using a coordinated team of light sources which you can control and change as needed. Here at SLV you can find suitable luminaires to make your bathroom a feel-good area.
Good light in the bathroom and guest toilet

The perfect appearance for your kitchen

Cooking, eating and relaxing: various different demands are placed on kitchens. Using our luminaires, you create the proper working light and it can be used to light up the stove, sink and work surfaces. In every case, you can enjoy modern designs and materials of high-quality.
The perfect appearance for your kitchen

The perfect light for your living room

You are only truly at home when you have the proper light in your surroundings. The living room particularly presents many different challenges. The lighting concept, which is at the centre of the action in the living area, should have multiple light sources. Our ideas make you want to use light – be inspired by SLV.
The perfect light for your living room

Atmospheric islands of light in the bedroom

Proper lighting is essential for comfort in the bedroom. Our luminaires range from general lighting through decorative light sources to functional reading lights. Create several small islands of light and combine several luminaires from the SLV product families – ceiling, wall and table lights, and floor stands.
Atmospheric islands of light in the bedroom

Feel-good atmosphere outside

Only with the right outdoor lighting for your garden and terrace can you round off the appearance of your house. Carefully matched, stage-setting outdoor fittings, such as pathway lighting and floor stands, floodlights and ground spike lights, combine to produce an expressive system. Our range of outdoor fittings is as versatile as the buildings themselves to which they can add their individual characteristics.
Schöne Leuchten zur Gartenbeleuchtung