SLV luminaires, modern lighting solutions for shop, catering and workplace lighting

Offices, restaurants, shops: Using luminaires from SLV you can implement lighting solutions for different business areas.
Our energy-efficient workplace lights meet the requirements for modern office lighting. Our comprehensive range of pendant, wall and ceiling lights are ideally suited to immersing rooms in hotels, restaurants or cafés in a pleasant light. Do you want to light your shop and your products in an energy-efficient way and catch the eye of your customers? We have the right spots, recessed fittings and track systems for your shop lighting.

SLV luminaires for Hotels, Restaurants and Catering (HoReCa)

The right lighting contributes significantly to the overall impression of a hotel or restaurant. It produces emotions and, if skilfully staged, invites your guests to linger. Along with proper mood-lighting, you also need a coherent luminaire design, suitable to the building's architecture. 
Luminaires for HoReCa

SLV luminaires for the optimal workplace lighting

Light plays an important role when planning workplaces. When properly used, light can increase general well-being, make working easier, and raise both creativity and productivity. SLV's workplace lights are solutions which are designed for performance and oriented to the future, they combine functionality, high-quality materials and a timeless design. 
Workplace lighting

Make shopping an experience with SLV's shop lighting solutions

Light makes shopping a thrilling experience and does influence consumer behaviour. Successful shop concepts include well thought-out lighting designs which are used to show off the shape and colour of products and to set the scene skilfully. It matters not if it is a supermarket, a flagship store, a fashion boutique, or a car dealership. If properly planned, the shop lighting can stimulate impulses, highlight products and support the customers when they make their purchasing decisions. 
Shop lighting solutions